Mindbendr partnership with Championship Driver Dino Zamparelli:

Mindbendr is thrilled to commence our season-long partnership with Dino Zamparelli, Porsche Carrera Cup GB Championship Driver, and Five Percent Life, the world’s fastest growing luxury lifestyle app, at the 2018 F1 British Grand Prix [read more...]

Spaceflight signs agreement with Virgin Orbit

WASHINGTON — Spaceflight announced June 25 an agreement with Virgin Orbit for a future dedicated rideshare mission as it seeks to diversify its options for launching smallsats.

Seattle-based Spaceflight said it signed a memorandum of understanding with Virgin Orbit for one flight of Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne air-launch system in 2019. LauncherOne is scheduled to perform its first launch later this year. [read more...]

F1 Steering Wheel: Carbon Fibre 

Formula 1 is the most expensive form of motorsport there is. Forget about chassis and engine costs, items such as the nose cone cost around $160,000. I can imagine the team managers and accountants wincing when one of their drivers takes out something like that, and it happens often enough. From the PR division of Mercedes-AMG, Petronas Motorsport comes an article about a Formula 1 Steering Wheel. [read more...]

Airbus continues to shape the future

Composite materials have been called the shape of aerospace’s future. With their winning combination of high strength, low weight and durability, it’s easy to see why. For more than 30 years, Airbus has pioneered the use of such materials in its commercial jetliners, from the cornerstone A310’s vertical stabiliser to today’s A350 XWB – on which more than half of the aircraft’s structure is composite. [read more...]


Carbon fibre planes: Lighter and stronger by design

When it comes to airliners, weight is money. The heavier a plane is, the more fuel it takes to drive it through the air. The more fuel it takes, the more it costs.

The drive to increase fuel efficiency and improve the aerodynamic performance of new aircraft is leading designers to move away from using aluminium in airframes. [read more...]